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Welcome to our Customers Page!
This is where our customers send us pictures of the models they have completed
using our kits! If you have pictures or a story about your boat, drop us a line.
We'd love for you to be a part of our customer page!

Check out the new pictures posted below and
Keep Coming Back!

  Here's a model custom built for the CBS-TV's set of "The Bold and the Beautiful". It was originally built as the AMOCO Indiana, made from the GLT-2 Tanker kit available from Bearco Marine Model. Only changes made by CBS-TV is to change the name of the boat to "MARONE". If you know the name of the actor send us an e-mail and we will send you a Bearco Marine KF-8 wooden kit (hint: he used to be on another soap opera...).

  Here's Tom Schulenberg's boat, the JOHN ROSS, made with Bearco Marine's GLF-24!

  Bow view of the JOHN ROSS

  View from behind stern

  I love this view of the boat on the rail, facing north on the shore of Lake Erie in Dunkirk, New York

  And check out this landmark in Tom's front yard! It's an anchor from the Henry Steinbrenner!!

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